Colors in stair LED lighting

Stair lighting does not have to be only white. The rapidly developing LED technology means that today the color of light can be selected according to the interior design and needs. What to consider when choosing the color of stair lighting? And how to design a truly magical staircase lighting?

Single-color LED lighting

For stairs, the most popular choice is single-color white LED lighting (LED fixtures or LED strips). It may have different color temperatures, which is measured in Kelvin (K). A color temperature below 3300 K corresponds to a warm color. The cold color corresponds to a color temperature above 5,300 K. The intermediate color is commonly referred to as a neutral color. The lower the color temperature, the more the light will turn yellow. Conversely, the higher this value, the more intensely the light will turn bluish.

The color of warmth creates a warm interior, a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. The cold color is perfect for decorative purposes and spot lighting. The neutral color is relatively often chosen, it is closest to daylight, and it illuminates such a difficult space as a staircase.

If the lighting is to fulfill a decorative function, you can opt for single-color LED lighting in a color other than white. There are, for example, LED strips in red, yellow, green or blue. The color is matched to the interior color scheme and the expected mood. A well-chosen color of light harmonizes with the surroundings, increasing the attractiveness of the stairs and their surroundings.

One-color LED lighting (white and colored) works with most LED stair controllers available on the market.

Multi-color LED lighting 

Multi-color LED lighting is mainly RGB (Red Gren Blue) strips. RGB lighting makes it possible to obtain various colors in the RGB color wheel and to adjust the color of the light to the current needs, season, mood, etc. RGB lighting, however, requires special RGB controllers to select and change color. A well-chosen light color increases our sense of comfort and improves our well-being.

Sometimes you can meet the so-called RGB stair controllers, which in my opinion, however, are not suitable for home use, because they focus on very aggressive, multi-colored animations that are too tiring for the eyes in the long run, moreover, the quality of these animations leaves much to be desired.