Modern stair lighting control

Multi-point LED lighting control

With the development of LED technology, traditional stair top lighting has become obsolete. For modern lighting of stairs, interior decorators use the huge possibilities of multi-point LED lighting (LED strips and LED staircases), which are usually placed under the nose of the treads or along the wall above the stairs. Stairs are thus better illuminated and safe. The use of appropriate intelligent stair controllers to lighting control allows for additional decorative effects: soft backlight after dusk (all or only some stairs) and various types of effective animations.

Motion and dusk automation

Modern stair lighting control also includes movement and dusk automation by use of appropriate motion and dusk sensors. The use of automation gives you the convenience of forgetting to turn the lights on and off, as well as saving energy. As a result, magical and smart stairs are created, which can be a real showcase of every smart home.